How to Disable/Enable Lock Screen Artwork in Apple Music

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Apple Music will automatically download all the necessary information about any music that we play. It has the artist information and song title on the song playback screen. Above it, you will find the album art. If you lock the screen while the music is playing, the album art will be on the background of your lock screen. It will give a refreshed look to your lock screen while the song is playing. But this feature can be disabled or enabled as per your requirement. All we have to do is drag a simple slider in the settings.

To Enable (or Disable) Lock Screen Artwork in Apple Music for Android Devices:

  • Click on 
  • Go to Settings
  • Scroll down to Playback
  • Drag the Show Lock Screen Artwork slider
    • To the right means, the artwork will show
    • To the left means, the artwork will hide
Lockscreen Artwork in Apple Music
There will also be additional controls on the lock screen. You can play/pause tracks or even go to the next or previous tracks straight from the lock screen.

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