How to Use Content Restriction in Apple Music

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With Apple Music, we can use content restriction to filter out explicit content. We can also choose the TV and Movie ratings so that we can control what is allowed. Activating content restriction will stop the playback of explicit songs. This restriction will sit behind a pin code so that only the authorized person can make the changes.

To use content restriction on Apple Music:

  • Click on 
  • Go to Settings
  • Scroll down to Restrictions
  • Tap on Content Restrictions
  • Setup or verify using a four-digit pin code
  • Drag the Enable Content Restriction slider
  • Turn explicit content on/off for Music using the slider
  • For Movies and TV Shows, choose a rating like G, PG, M and MA 15+
Content Restriction on Apple Music

The selectable ratings for TV shows are Don’t Allow TV Shows, P, C, G, PG, M, MA15+, AV15+, R18+, and Allow All TV Shows.

TV Shows Restrictions on Apple Music

For Movies, the available options are Don’t Allow Movies, G, PG, M, MA5+, R18+, X18+, and Allow All Movies.

Movies Restrictions on Apple Music

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