Disable “Also Share on Google+” Checkbox on YouTube

Ever since Google integrated Google+ comments in YouTube, people have not been that happy. They have to have a Google Plus account in order to comment in YouTube and not everyone wants a Google Plus account. Now it has already been some time since this integration and people have finally begun to accept this change.

Another thing about Google+ comment integration is that when we post a comment to YouTube, the comment and the video is automatically shared to our Google Plus account. It is because of the fact that a small check box that says “Also share on Google+” is always checked on. You will find this check box right below the commenting box. Of course, we can uncheck that box and disable the video from being shared on our Google Plus profile. However, this option is not remembered by YouTube. For another video, the check box is again checked. Everytime we have to comment, we need to uncheck the option. We might forget unchecking that box every time and we end up with a ton of video shared on our Google Plus account. This is really undesirable.

To disable this option permanently, we have to use script or plugins for our browser.

For Chrome Browser

  1. Visit this userscripts page with a greasemonkey script titled: “Youtube Auto Unclick Google plus share“. This is actually a greasemonkey script which works best for Firefox browser but is usable in Chrome as well.
  2. Click on “Install” on the top right of the userscripts page. A script 182246.user.js will be downloaded.
  3. Click the Google Chrome options menu. Navigate to “Tools > Extensions”.
  4. In your OS, open the download location where your 182246.user.js file is downloaded.
  5. Drag that file to the Chrome extensions page that you opened in step 3. This script will be installed automatically in your Chrome browser as “Youtube AutoUnclick Google plus share” extension.

Now every time you open YouTube in Chrome and try to comment, the check box will be unchecked automatically. Even if you check the box, it will be unchecked. You will have to disable the plugin to enable auto sharing to Google+.

For Firefox Browser

  1. Install a Firefox add-on called Greasemonkey.
  2. Install “YouTube Auto Unclick Google plus share” userscript for Greasemonkey. Just click on the Install button in the page that opens. It will be installed automatically.
  3. Now when you try to comment in YouTube, you will see the checkbox that says “Also share to Google+” automatically unchecked. If you click on it to check it, it will be unchecked again. Disable Greasemonkey or just this script in Greasemonkey options to make the check box stay checked.

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