See Who is Tracking Your Browsing using Lightbeam

It is said that internet privacy is a myth. Even though you try really hard, your browsing activity can still be tracked by others. You visit one website, and your browsing activity is tracked by several other websites. Cookies, code-snippets, tracking codes, logs etc are placed on the websites that you visit and those are recorded by third-party websites. Your one interaction with the web can result in several sites tracking you.

Such information is used by websites for different purposes. Companies can use such information for their marketing purposes. Some can just track your internet activity just to find out what you do on a particular website on the web. Some companies use such information to deliver advertising to you. The collection of your browsing activity is a treasure to many and hence they do it.

If you are a Firefox browser user then this post will tel you how you will be able to see the websites, cookies and trackers that have been placed on your browser. You will be able to track the trackers. You will know which websites monitored your activity silently.

The plugin that you must use for this purpose is called Lightbeam. Lightbeam is a currently re-branded plugin by Firefox for Mozilla Firefox browser. This plugin provides you the information about your trackers. A lightbeam is shined on your trackers. You get a list of websites that have tracked you when you browsed the internet.

It is also to be understood that tracking is not always bad. Some websites do it to provide you the user experience that you want. Websites can use your behavior and customize their pages to fit your needs. This sounds great but it needs to be clear that you should be in the driver’s seat of this. You should be able to control all this.

Using Lightbeam you will get the following information:

Graph: A threaded neat visualization of the several visited sites, watched sites, cookies, third-party sites, blocked sites etc.

Clock: A visualization of your website browsing activity and third party websites by the time of the day.

List: A list of websites that you have visited and a list of third party websites that you have been connected with as result.

*Using this amazing plugin, you will also be able to export the data and reset it.

Try Lightbeam from this Firefox plugin page for your Mozilla Firefox browser

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