How to Save Images and Photos from Instagram

If you want to save or download images and photos from Instagram, then the simple trick is to open up the link in your browser and then save the web page to your computer. Then locate the saved .html file and you will find a special resource folder with the same name. Inside the folder, you will find all the images of the page that you saved and it will include the main photo that you were trying to save to your computer.

This is a simple trick that allows you to download photos to your device straight from Instagram. There are a number of other websites and services that allow you to input an Instagram web URL so that you can download the picture from it. Another trick that people use is taking the screenshot of the entire page and cropping off the outside areas to extract just the main photo. While those tricks work, the best option is to get the image from the source itself.

It is not possible to directly right click and save the image. Additionally, viewing the HTML source of the page will display some complicated codes that renders the image on the page. There isn’t a simple <img src=”http://” /> code that gives you the direct link to the image.

If you need the detailed steps for it then, here is the step-by-step guide to save or download photos and images from Instagram:

On your Desktop or Laptop

Instagram Save Page As

  • Open up the Instagram link in your Chrome, Firefox or similar browsers.
  • Press CTRL + S to save the entire webpage to your computer. (You can also save from the menu or the right click options)
  • Save it as Webpage, Complete (*.htm, *.html).
  • Browse to the saved location and open the resources folder with the same name as the HTML file.

In the folder, you will find all the resources including the picture(s) that you were trying to download and save from Instagram.

On your Smartphone

Since saving web pages is not natively supported by most of the smartphone browsers, we recommend using specialized apps that can download and save Instagram images and even videos. There are several apps that you can find in the application market of your device. Just search as Instagram Download and you will come across several free apps for Android as well as Apple’s iOS devices. The only thing that you will need to input in such apps is the share URL.

How to get the Instagram Link or Share URL from the App

To be able to save the image, you need the Instagram Share URL. If you are browsing directly from a web browser then the share URL is right in your address bar. But if you are using the app on your phone, then you will have to get it manually.

If the profile is not private, you can press the down arrow symbol near the top right corner of the app. Then you can use the Copy Share URL feature to get the link in your clipboard. Paste it on your browser for the next steps as mentioned above. For a private profile, we recommend browsing the profile manually after you log in from a browser instead.

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