How to Select All Friends to Invite in Facebook

In Facebook, you might have to select all your friends for different inviting purposes. There may be events that you create for which you might want to invite everyone or there might be a Facebook page that you admin where you want to invite all your friends to like.

There is no dedicated feature in Facebook which allows you to select all your friends at once. But luckily there are addons and plugins for your browser which can allow you to select all your Facebook friends and invite them to pages, events or groups. Three of the major browsers are covered below.

If Your Browser is Google Chrome

If you use Google Chrome as your browser then install one of these listed extensions:

Facebook Select All: This is an easy to install extension for Chrome. After you have installed this plugin a button on the browser is displayed. The button is displayed right next to the address bar. The button is shown below.

Facebook Select All Button Chrome

Click on that button and all your friends in the current invite box will be selected. It is as easy as that.

Invite All: Invite all is another extension for Chrome to select all your friends on the invite page of Facebook. This extension activates whenever you open the invite friends page dialog box just as shown below.

Facebook Invite All Chrome

You will see a button called “Select All” on the screen. Click on it and all the displayed friends will be added to your selection. You can then click the button to send in the invites to everyone.

If your Browser is Mozilla Firefox

If you use Mozilla Firefox as your browser then install one of the following plugins to invite all your Facebook Friends:

Facebook Select All: This is the Firefox version of the add-on we mentioned before. After installing this add-on for Firefox, you will have an additional button in your Firefox add-on bar.

Facebook Select All Firefox

Click on that button when the invite window is open in Facebook and all your displayed friends will be selected. Then you can invite all of them easily.

Invite All (for Facebook): Invite all which we mentioned before as well is also available for Firefox. Get that plugin from the Mozilla plugin center. After installing it a button will appear in the invite window as shown below:

Facebook Invite All Firefox

Click on the Select all button and all the check boxes on the invite screen will be selected in an instant. You will then be able to invite them.

If your Browser is Safari

If you use Safari as your browser then try the following extension to invite all friends in Facebook.

Facebook Invite Them All: This extension seems to be the only working one for now in Safari. Add it to your browser and then on the invite page of Facebook click the black area in the left side of your address bar. All your currently displayed friends in the invite menu will be selected.

If your Browser is Internet Explorer or Opera

There doesn’t exist any add-on for Internet Explorer and Opera (or I could not find them) which can be used to select all Facebook friends before inviting. If you have seen such an add-on that works, please write down in the comments and I will add it here for everyone to see.

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