How to Block Flash Player without Plugins in Google Chrome

Adobe Flash player is a popular animated content and video player for internet browsers. But it is because of this player that content on the web auto play. You might hear background sound, videos playing or some splashy animated banners if you have flash turned on by default.

If you are annoyed like me by such auto playing content, then you are in luck. Chrome has a built in option to block such flashy content automatically. Such content on web pages remain blocked until you click on them and allow them individually. This not only allows you to control what plays on web pages but it also saves you some bandwidth and loads the pages that you open, quickly. You don’t even have to install add-ons that block flash.

Here are the steps:

  • Go to Chrome settings which is accessible by the three lines option menu on the top right corner of the browser window. You can also type chrome://settings/ in the address bar to reach this option.
  • At the bottom of the settings page, you will see “Show advanced settings…” link which you have to click.
  • Scroll below to find a heading called Privacy.
  • Click the “Content settings…” button.
  • Scroll to the heading that says “Plug-ins” and then choose the radio button that says “Click to play”.
    Click to Play Chrome Settings
  • Click on Done and from now on auto playing content like Flash will have to be manually activated before playing on Chrome.
    Flash Player Blocked Google Chrome

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