YouTube App – How to View, Pause and Clear Watch and Search History

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We all use the YouTube application on our mobile phone to watch videos on the most popular video hosting and sharing platform. The videos that we watch are all saved in the history of the app. It is a useful feature if we want to go back to a particular video that we watched some time ago. The history feature is also used by the application to show us relevant videos that we may be interested in. But what if there are unwanted items in YouTube’s history? We must clear it. We can not only clear the watch history but we can also pause it for a while and unpause it as per our need. Additionally, we can also clear the search history on YouTube. The search history shows up when we tap on the search bar. It is actually used to customize our searching activity.

To View YouTube Playback History

  • Open the YouTube app
  • In the bottom, tap on Library
  • Tap on History

You can scroll down and view the entire history. It is also possible to search it.

Tap on the individual ⋮ against a video in the history listing and choose Remove from Watch history to make that particular video go away. But to clear the entire history, follow the steps below.

Clearing Entire Playback History (along with Search History)

  • In the YouTube app, go to Library > History
  • Tap on ⋮ (top-right) > History controls
  • Tap on Clear watch history and confirm your action
YouTube Search History
Clear search history: On the same page, Library > History > ⋮ > History controls, tap on Clear search history and confirm it to clear everything that you’ve searched for.
Pausing watch history: On the same History controls page, drag the slider to the right for Pause watch history. Drag it to the left to unpause.
Pausing search history: The slider is right under Pause watch history. Moving it to the right will pause it. If it is on the left side, then your search history is being recorded.


Finally, there is also a Manage all activity link below it. Tap on it and you will be taken to This is a special page where you can manage all the activity for your google account. Visit that page for additional privacy controls.

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