YouTube app – How to Use Playlists and Watch Later?

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YouTube has tons of content and one can never watch all of them. But at times, we come across a certain video that we cannot watch right away but we would prefer to watch it later. That is when the Save to Watch Later feature is useful on YouTube. The Save to Watch Later option is available after you press on ⋮ (options) next to the videos as they are displayed in a list. When a video is playing, it is available on the top (next to the share button). This feature will add the videos to a “watch later” playlist. You can access it from the Library tab at the bottom of the app. The watch later page on the app will host all the videos that you saved. Videos can also be removed from the list from this page.

Now, the watch later is not the only playlist available in YouTube app for smartphones. You can create custom playlists and give them any name that you prefer. Like a playlist for funny videos and another one for favorite songs.

To do that, we have to create a custom playlist first. To create a custom playlist:

  • Go to Library > New Playlist
  • Add some videos
  • Hit Next
  • Give a playlist title
  • Choose privacy–Public, Unlisted, and Private
  • Hit Create
Playlists in YouTube

The Save to Playlist feature accessible from the options ⋮ next to a video allows us to choose a previously created list and even create an entirely new playlist. We can also pick multiple playlists to add a single YouTube video to.

To access a previously created playlist, go to Library and find them under the heading Playlists. You can play the videos in the list or remove individual videos from the same list.

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