YouTube app – How to Change the Country Location?

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YouTube tries to display the video content that is the most relevant to you. Your subscriptions along with your search and watch history and your location are used to figure out your potential interests. Your location also specifies what the videos in the trending section are. Our location is automaticall figured out by the YouTube Android application. The trending videos differ from country to country. So, something that is viral in Australia won’t be trending in Nepal. But luckily, we can switch between countries and go to the trending tab to see what people are watching across the globe.

Here are the detailed steps to change the country/location in YouTube App:

  • In the Youtube app, tap on your account picture on the top-right
  • Tap on ⚙ Settings
  • Go to General
  • Tap on Location
  • Pick a country
Change YouTube Location
Now, the contents in the trending section will change.

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