VLC App – How to Switch Between Video and Audio Media Player?

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VLC Media Player is a free and the most popular media player that supports all platforms like PC, Mac, Linux, Desktop/Laptop and in the era of smartphones, it has an app for Android as well as Apple devices. It has already accumulated over 100 million downloads on the Play Store for Android alone. The number is huge and the user base of this application is quite large and the user base just keeps growing. People have been using this app for playing their video as well as audio files. That means VLC Media Player for Android and other platforms performs as an audio or music player as well as a video and media playback application.

But did you know that you have to switch between the audio player and video player section of VLC Media Player? It isn’t difficult at all and this feature allows you to separate your Mp3 (audio/music) file with Mp4 (video) files on the player’s interface. So, there is a different screen for listing and playing music and another one of those screens for videos.

Here are the steps to switch between the audio and video interface of VLC Media Player for Android:

  1. Open the VLC Media Player app
  2. Click on menu ☰
  3. Tap on Video for video player and Audio for audio player
    Video and Audio Interface in VLC Media App

The video player interface will list all the videos that you have in your device. The audio player interface is much more detailed. You can find MP3 and other audio types grouped by Album, Artist, Genre etc.

Note: VLC app for Android will remember the last interface (video or audio) that you used. So, if you play videos and quit the app, the next time you open it, the video interface will be the first screen that you see. The same works for the audio interface.

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