How to Load Subtitles Automatically in VLC for Android

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It is possible to download and add subtitles automatically in VLC for Android. The feature is present on the interface itself. When you’re watching a movie, the built-in feature allows you to load subtitles. After choosing the option to get the subtitles, it just takes a brief moment for the app. Based on what you are watching, the player will search and load it up on its own.

The steps to load subtitles automatically in VLC for Android:

  1. Play your movie with VLC for Android
  2. Tap on the screen to bring out the interface options
  3. Press the subtitle button (second one from the left)
  4. Tap on Download subtitlesVLC for Android Download Subtitles
Note: You will get an on-screen message that says Downloading subtitles. This is when the app is searching based on what you are watching. If found, it’ll load it up in a few moments.

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