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VLC for Android allows you to play any media in high or slow speed. Whether it is an audio or a video, it can go from 0.25x speed to 4x speed. For playing in slow motion, any video or audio can be played in slow motion at a speed of 25% of the original speed. For playing in fast motion, the video can go up to 400% of the original speed. If we play in slow motion, it helps us to listen to the parts that we don’t understand. The high-speed option is for people who want to go through the media quickly. For example, there are slow lecture files and you want to skim through it as soon as possible. That’s when the 2x speed comes to great use. The slowing down or speeding up of media files is supported for both video and audio files. The on-screen option with the little human running is used for this purpose. To bring the control option on the screen, you’d have to press the more options button represented by the three dots ⋮ or …

To adjust playback speed controls in VLC Media Player for Android (and other mobile devices):

  1. Open an audio or video file using VLC for Android
  2. Tap on the three dots ⋮ on the top right for the audio player
  3. Tap on the three dots … on the bottom interface controls for the video player
  4. Press on the little human running icon
    VLC Little Human Running
  5. Drag the slider from 0.25x to 4.00x for slow to fast speed controls
    VLC Playback Speed Slider
  6. Tap anywhere else to get back to the player’s interface
Note: To reset the speed, you’d have to bring up the interface options from the same location (three dots representing more options). To go back to 1.00x, instead of dragging and struggling with the slider, just press the human-running icon. It will bring the speed slider back to its original place.Another thing to note is that you can make the speed the default one for every media file.
Just go to Menu ☰ > Preferences > Interface > ☑ Save Playback Speed. If the box is checked, it will use the same playback speed for all the media files. Otherwise, it will just use it for the current one.

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