Spotify – How to Crossfade Tracks?

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Crossfading songs in Spotify for Android will slowly fade out the current track and fade in the next music. It is a way to improve your listening experience. The volume of the first track will go down slowly as it approaches the end and it will mute as the track finishes. The volume of the next track will gradually increase and it will take over the music that is playing. It is quite simple to crossfade tracks in Spotify app for Android. You can also enable gapless playback for a smooth listening experience in your Android phone or tablet.

To Crossfade and Mix Two Tracks in Spotify (along with Gapless playback):

  1. Tap on Gear settings (top-right)
  2. Drag the slider under Crossfade / Playback towards the right
    Crossfade and Gapless in Spotify for Android

The total crossfade length in Spotify application can be up to 12 seconds. If the slider is on the extreme left, the fade out and fade in effect when changing tracks is disabled. Otherwise, the slider will denote the number of seconds in the beginning and end of the tracks which will mix into each other.

Gapless Playback

Below the Crossfade slider, is an option called Gapless. It won’t mix the songs into each other. So, there won’t be any fading effect. It will just remove any gaps between songs for a continuous playback. Just drag the slider toward the right for Gapless to be enabled.

Note: You can enable just one option between Crossfade and Gapless or both. It is up to you.

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