How to Hide/Unhide Songs in Spotify

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In Spotify, you can block songs from ever being played again. You can press on the block button which is on the right end of the player controls when a song is being played. Under playlists, it is next to the ‘Love’ button. When you press the don’t play this button, it will hide that particular song from the playlists and then you will get a message like, “Song hidden in this list”. It will be then moved to Hidden Content. The feature works on those playlists which are generated by you as well as those generated by Spotify.

Hide or Block a Song in Spotify

To block or hide and never play a song in Spotify:

  1. Access any Playlist or music
  2. Press the block button

The confirmation, “Song hidden in this list” will display letting you know that the song won’t be played when you go through the playlist.

Block Button Location Spotify App


Note: The block button is available in the playlist, player, notification drawer etc. It’s a circle with a short horizontal line inside it.

Unblock or Unhide a Song in Spotify

When you press the block button, you will see it being activated. The color will change from gray to red in playlists. You can press the same button to unblock it straight from the list. But if you block it from other areas, the song will be hidden. Access the Your Library section to remove the Hidden songs.

To unblock or unhide and activate a removed song to be played in Spotify:

  1. Tap on Your Library
  2. Tap on Hidden
    Hidden Playlist
  3. Press the red unblock button
    Unblock Hidden Content
  4. Tap on Hide this song
    Reverting a Hidden Song in Spotify

Now, it will be removed from your Hidden Content and the music will be played in your lists.


  1. Marco says:

    Is it possible to hide songs also on the desktop application?
    I cannot find anything like that…

    1. byrajina says:

      Isn’t there a hide button anywhere in the desktop version?

      1. Marco says:

        I cannot find anything like that. And if I hide songs on the android application, this has no effect on the playlist in the desktop. That’s unfortunate…

        1. Farah says:

          I couldn’t find the hidden content in the library

  2. Amber Daubs says:

    I cannot get the song that I accidently blocked on Spotify to unblock it still has the red circle with the line going sideways on it.

  3. Khrislyn Mendoza says:

    How can I remove the hidden artist? You just showed songs.

    1. byrajina says:

      Go to Library > Hidden > Artists.

  4. philip vasseur says:

    This is nonsense. I’ve “hidden” hundreds of songs, only a very few show up in the library. AND they keep playing, even with the red circle showing on the right. Spotify desperately needs a NUKE button to actually get rid of a song.

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