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Poweramp has a powerful equalizer that we discussed before. It was so power-packed that listing it in a single post might have not done the justice. One of the useful features of the equalizer in Poweramp Music Player for Android is the ability to change the tempo or playback speed of any song that is playing. The speed of the audio can be reduced to 0.5x and it can be increased up to 2.0x. There is a lot of fine-tuning space in between. So, if you have an audio of a long lecture or podcast to go through, increasing the tempo in such a way that you still understand the content will save a great deal of time. So, changing the playback speed or tempo in Poweramp for Android is quite a useful feature.

Here are the detailed steps to change playback speed (tempo) of any audio playing in Poweramp for Android:

  • Tap on the equalizer from the bottom navigation
  • Tap on the second tab on the top
  • Tap on Tempo to activate it
  • Drag your finger and spin the knob toward the left or right
Tempo Slider for Poweramp
Note that 1x is the default speed of the song. Going higher than one increases the tempo and going lower will slow down the playback. The Reset button will help us go back to 1 or default speed.


  1. Kiran says:

    How to adjust tempo for individual songs?

    1. byrajina says:

      You can’t edit an individual song. The tempo control is just for playback. So, it’s better for us to use an external editor if you want the speed changes to the song permanently.

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