How to View Media Information and Edit ID3 Tag using Poweramp?

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Poweramp Music Player allows us to easily view the media information and edit the ID3 tag with the help of the Android app itself. This tutorial will teach you how to view such media information and edit the ID3 tags using Poweramp app for Android. When a song is open, you can quickly view the media information like the location of the file, codec of the sound file, music length, frequency, how many kbps and bit it is, and whether it is mono or stereo in terms of sound quality. You can also discover the ID3 tags like title, track, year, genre, artist, and album if they exist. Additionally, we can edit and update the ID3 tags with the player itself.

The detailed steps to view media information and edit the ID3 tags using Poweramp:

  1. Open an MP3 or audio file in your Android device using Poweramp
  2. In the full interface of the playback, hit the options ⋮
  3. Tap on ⓘ Info/Tags
  4. The file information along with ID3 tags will be displayed
  5. To edit it, click on Edit Tags.
  6. Input the title, track, year, genre, artist, album, and other information.
  7. Hit Save.

The full list of ID3 tags supported are: Title, track, year, genre, artist, album and album artist.


  1. jan says:

    How can I do this for multiple files that are part of one album?

    1. byrajina says:

      It goes one by one only.

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