How to Disable Poweramp Music Player from Playing Videos as Music

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One thing that Poweramp Music Player app for Android does is that it includes all the media in our device. That means even our videos. The videos that we take from our phone are treated like music and they begin playing if they are in the queue. Those videos will have a random cover art of one of the images on the phone. We want to exclude videos in Poweramp from being identified as music. All the videos that we have on our Android phone are not music videos. Usually, most of them are just videos that we recorded using the phone’s camera. We do not want to play them. We want the Poweramp app to actually ignore those videos and only play the music that we specify. What we want is Poweramp to identify only the MP3 files while ignoring files like MP4.

With the recent update in Poweramp, there is a dedicated option for this. We can now completely ignore video files from the device. The app is now able to ignore all the MP4/3GP video files from your device.

So, to disable Poweramp Music Player from playing video files as music, follow these steps:

  1. Tap on Menu ☰
  2. Go to Settings 
  3. Tap on Library
  4. Tap and drag the slider that says Ignore Video Tracks
Now, all the video files .MP4 and .3GP will be completely ignored from being played.
There are also options to filter out only some folders that have useless videos while still playing music videos. You can ignore videos taken by your smartphone’s camera stored in the DCIM folder. You can keep music video files stored in the Downloads folder. This is a folder-by-folder ignoring feature available in Poweramp.
For that, you have to go to Menu ☰ > Settings ⚙ > Library >Music Folders and specify the individual folders for the library.

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