MX Player – Open a Different Audio for a Currently Playing Video

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One of the surprising features of MX Player in Android, that we just discovered was, the ability to open a different audio track for a currently playing video. You can open Video A and add a Soundtrack B to it. We are yet to find many practical uses for it but it sounds like a fun feature. Open a music video and add a completely different song to it to see if they match and mix up. Or open a video without any clear sound and add a soundtrack while watching the video. It totally sounds like fun.

Here is how you mix and match a video and audio in MX Player for smart devices:

  • Open a video, put it in pause.
  • Click on options ⋮
  • Click on Audio > Open
  • Navigate your storage to browse and open an audio file
  • Play the video

Open a Different Audio for a Currently Playing Video

Now, you will hear different audio in your video.

To cycle between audio tracks, go to  Options  > Audio > Audio Track. We can also disable the audio track from the same option.

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