MX Player – How to Play Network Streams (or YouTube Videos) ?

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MX Player for Android has a feature that allows streaming of videos from the internet. But as per our testing, it can be concluded that it doesn’t support streaming from video sites like YouTube or Dailymotion. It can only stream from HTTP:// and FTP:// locations where the absolute link to the file is available. For example, is a video that MX Player is able to stream and play but it cannot play something like

To Play Network Streams in MX Player, follow these steps:

  1. Copy the absolute link to the video. Example:
  2. In MX Player, tap on three dots ⋮
  3. Select Network stream
    Open Network Stream
  4. The URL should already be pasted, otherwise long press and Paste
    Network Stream URL
  5. Tap OK

The stream will be accessed by MX Player and if everything is in order, it will open and play it.

What happens if we try to open YouTube or Dailymotion streams?

Well, right now MX Player doesn’t support such streams. You can give VLC Media Player for Android and its video streaming capabilities a try. If we try to open it in MX Player, the error message is displayed which says, “Playback has failed due to a network error.”

Playback has failed

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