MX Player – How to Change Subtitle Formatting and Position?

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With MX Player for Android, we can open up local subtitles or load them from the internet so that we can better understand the dialogues spoken in movies. But the on-screen text formatting and positioning might not match our preferences. But thankfully, the developers have given us the options to change it. We can make changes like choosing a different font, putting in a background color, resizing and scaling the text, and having a border around the alphabets. We can also set the alignment for subtitles and move it toward the top with bottom margins. There are various settings related to subtitle position and format in MX Player.

Here are the detailed steps to change the subtitle formatting and position in MX Player for Android:

  • Open up a movie and load up a subtitle for it in MX Player
  • Tap on ⋮ > Subtitle > Settings
  • Under the Text tab, modify the formatting options like font, size, scale, and color
  • Switch to the Layout tab to access alignment, bottom margin, background and fitting option
Subtitle Preferences in MX Player
The ⋮ > Subtitle > Settings isn’t the only page to access the subtitle settings. It can also be accessed from the main settings. Go to ⋮ > Settings > Subtitle when a video isn’t open or ⋮ > Tools > Settings > Subtitle to open up all the preferences related to on-screen text.
Advanced Subtitle Options
Here, you can pick the appearance options just like before. Additional options are there to specify the font folder, italic effect and forced left-to-right text direction. Even advanced options like Subtitle Folder, Character Encoding, Preferred subtitle language, Default sync, and Sync for HW decoder are present on the top of the same page. With these settings, you can configure to display your subtitle to the nitty-gritty details.

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  1. pawan gurung says:

    can you increase the bottom margin so it can go fully up to the top of the video

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