3 Ways to Change Playback Speed in MX Player for Android

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If you use MX Player for playing your videos in Android then know that there are three ways to change the playback speed of the videos playing on the screen from 25% to 400%. The easiest method is to use a gesture that is dragging up/down two fingers on the screen. Method two is from the Options > Play > Speed. The final method is at the ⋮ > Tools > Settings > Player > Default Playback Speed which will set a playback speed that will stay until you change it.

Three methods to change playback speed in MX Player for Android:

Method 1: Two Finger Gesture

When a video is playing, use two fingers to tap and hold on the screen. You can pause the video. Drag those two fingers towards the top to increase the playback speed gradually. Drag them downwards to decrease the playback speed. A percentage value will be shown on the screen.

Gesture to Change Playback Speed

Method 2: From the Options

  1. Open a video.
  2. Tap on ⋮
  3. Navigate to Play > Speed.
  4. Press the + or minus button or input a percentage value on the on-screen playback speed options.
    Option to Change Playback Speed

Method 3: Set Default Playback Speed

  1. Tap on
  2. Navigate to Tools > Settings
  3. Tap on Player
  4. Scroll down and tap on Default playback speed under Playback.
  5. Enter a percentage value and hit OK.
    Default Playback Speed
Note: The final method’s playback speed will apply to all the videos that you open from now on. Come back to this place and set it back to 100% to reset it.

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