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Musixmatch is a neat piece of Android app useful for fetching the song lyrics from the internet for the current music that is playing. It is not only a music player on its own but also supports other players with lyrics that are synced to the currently playing music. The lyrics are displayed on the app as well as on the lock screen. This post is to help the users of Musixmatch figure out what happens when we insert wired earphones or connect a Bluetooth device with our smartphone.

Many Android music players respond differently to a headset. Like an app might begin to play music automatically when earphones are inserted. Then again, the music might stop when they are removed. Another popular feature is what happens when we press the button on the headset. Musixmatch has a dedicated settings page on the app for configuring headsets.

Here are the detailed steps to configure headset controls for Musixmatch:

  • On the main screen, tap on options
  • Go to My Music Options
  • Tap on Headset settings under Audio Settings
Musixmatch Headset Options

A dedicated configuration page will open. It has the following options:

Pause Music when disconnecting headset
When you remove the headset connection from your phone, the music will be paused. It is a recommended setting so set it “On” by dragging the slider to the right.

Resume Playing with Headset On
Control what happens when a headset is connected. When you plug in your earphones, the music will play automatically if the option is set to “On”. Not everyone will want their music playing every time when they insert headsets. So, the recommended action is to turn it off. But turning it off will also mean that when you have a music playing and headsets are inserted, it will pause the music. It’s a tricky option.

Resume Playing with Bluetooth Headset
A separate option for Bluetooth. When you connect Bluetooth speakers or headsets, what do you want to happen? If you want the music to play automatically set it to on otherwise, leave it as it is with the default option that is off.

Listen to Headset/BT Controls
There are volume up and down buttons on the headset along with an additional button. This option is usually turned on as we want the app to respond to those button clicks.

Headset High Priority
There might be different music apps that have access to the headset. Which app will you give the priority to? If it is Musixmatch, then set this option on. It means that Musixmatch will have absolute authority over the headset controls over other music apps.

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