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Gestures in jetAudio HD Music Player for Android will make your life that much easier. It will give you the convenience of switching songs or accessing the currently playing list easily. These are the exact two gestures present in jetAudio app for Android. (1) You can flick left or right to change the songs and (2) Show now playing list when you flick down the screen. Some may find the use of these two gestures while others may never know about it or even not use it.

To access the gesture settings in jetAudio HD Music Player:

  1. Go to options 
  2. Tap on Preferences
  3. Go to Misc
  4. Scroll down to the heading that says Gestures

Gestures in jetAudio HD Music Player

There, you will find two options.

☑ Change Song. Flick left/right to change songs.
☑ Show Now Playing list. Flick down to show Now Playing list.

These two options are checked by default. If you leave them checked then it means that you can use the gestures. Uncheck them if you want to disable those gestures. You might want to disable it if you keep performing the gestures by accident and it bugs you.

To use the gestures

Just do what the option says. Flick your finger across the screen toward the left or right to go back or previous in your playlist. It is quick for changing songs. It should be performed when you are actually playing a playlist.

Then the other gesture allows you to flick down i.e. drag from the top of the screen toward the bottom. That will bring up the entire playlist. It’s useful if you want to manually choose another track to play.

Shake Feature

If you were curious enough, you must have discovered that there is also a shake feature in the same options. (⋮ > Preferences > Misc > Shake).

Check the box that says ☑ Enable shake feature.

Shake Feature in jetAudio

This option is unchecked by default. It uses up more battery but is a perk that some people might want to have.

Once the shake feature is enabled, you can physically shake your phone to switch tracks. Your phone can go to the next track or previous track with this unique gesture.

Also, once the checkbox is on, other options appear below it. You have the following controls:

  • Shake sensitivity: Determines how sensitive the device is to shakes.
  • Reverse shake action: Undo your previous shake.
  • Shake once: Select the action that happens when you shake once. The default is “Play next/previous”. Other options that are available are: Do nothing, Play next, Play previous, Pause and Mute.
  • Shake twice: The default for this one is “Do nothing”. But you can choose other actions mentioned above.

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