How to Download MP3 of Podcasts from iTunes?

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If you are a Windows user like me and you use iTunes to tune into your favorite podcasts, then you might have wondered whether you can take the MP3 files of the episodes with you and play it anywhere. Well, the answer is, “Yes, you can get the MP3 files from iTunes and access it anywhere”. Anywhere! Like play it with other media players or transfer it to your Android phone (which doesn’t have iTunes) and listen to it on the go.

Your podcast’s audio files are downloaded and saved in your Music folder automatically. They are also categorized into subfolders like the name of your podcast. So, that means easy access without any confusion.

What do you have to do to access the file(s)?

By default, iTunes saves your MP3 and audio files in the default Music folder in your computer.

So first, navigate to the podcast that you are trying to download on iTunes. Then, in the list of the episodes, hit the Get button. That will save the media file to your computer.

Note that just playing a particular episode by hovering over and pressing the play button doesn’t seem to save it as a file on your PC. You must press the Get button for that purpose.

iTunes Screenshot

Then, on your PC, you can freely navigate to your This PC\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Podcasts and open the respective podcast folder with its name and access the MP3 files directly.

Folder Screenshot

Now that you have the free access to the selected MP3 file, you can copy it anywhere. Upload it to your cloud so that you can access it anytime, anywhere. Move it to a flash drive and you’ll have it with you to copy another device. Connect your phone to this PC of yours and copy it to the device so that you can listen to it when you’re out. It is all yours!

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  1. tyson says:

    amazing 🙂 was not aware of this trick

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