Website Appears Small in Google Chrome? Fix Resolution by Zooming

One issue with 1080p screen laptops is that the high resolution might make on-screen items appear really small. This issue is prevalent in 15.5 inch or smaller laptops. The pixel density is high in such screens but the physical size of the screen results in small icons and websites.

This is experienced while browsing websites using Google Chrome. Websites that are not optimized for this screen size take only around 50% of the center of the screen, resulting in small text and hard to click links. They are not hard to read because of the high resolution display. Browsers like Google Chrome usually zoom up such websites automatically. Until recently, it stopped happening.

So, the option is to zoom websites manually to fit the screen. You can’t always zoom each individual websites. You should set a fixed zoom in Google Chrome.

Here’s how we zoom all websites permanently in Google Chrome:

Bring up the Chrome options menu by clicking the three lines on the top-right of your browser.
Click on “Settings”.
On the bottom of the screen, you will find “Show advanced settings…”. Click on it.
Scroll down and find “Page zoom” under the heading Web content.
Set the zoom level which will be applicable for all websites. Setting the value of zoom to 125% works best for me.

After you do this, you will find that websites not optimized to fill a high resolution screen like 1920px X 1080px full HD screen will be zoomed. You won’t have to worry about websites appearing too small on your screen. Font sizes will also automatically be increased. Links and buttons will appear bigger and will be easier to click.

You can always come back to the options and revert the zoom back to 100% if you think that it looks much better that way.

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