Useful 10 Google Chrome Extensions for the Daily User

Google Chrome is a high speed web browser which is widely used. It is the top most used browser in many regions around the world. This is because of the fact that Chrome is fast, easy to configure and has a lot of options for developers as well as normal users.

Chrome also has a large web store online where it features several apps for the browser. From games to apps that extend its functionality, chrome has it all. You can easily find what you want from its large collection of browser apps. There are so many that people might not even know what they want.

This post is specifically for that purpose. This post lists the most useful chrome addons and extensions for regular browsers. The list is also not too long and confusing. Only the most useful ones are listed.

1) Adblock or Adblock Plus: The internet is not only a place filled with valuable content but it is also filled with advertisements. Not all advertisements are unworthy of your views but there are those which clutter up websites making it difficult to navigate through contents or even separate contents from advertisements. For that purpose these two ad blocking extensions come to great use. Keep in mind that you can always turn on ads for the sites that do not have ads displayed in an obtrusive manner. This would support the website helping its creators make the website even more content rich.

2) Hola Unblocker or Media Hint: When you are browsing the internet, you come upon pages where you will not be able to view its content because you are not from a country that is allowed. Examples can be seen in videos where the producers or owners of the video block it in your country. Hola Unblocker and Media Hint are two add-ons that comes to the rescue. After installing either one of these addons, you will be able to view region blocked content without any problem.

3) Hover Free: While browsing the net for pictures, you might come across galleries which contain thumbnails or links to larger version of pictures. It is easy to view one or two pictures that way but when you have to scan and view through a large list of pictures, the task becomes tedious. That is when Hover Free comes to the rescue. Just hover your mouse over those links or thumbnails and you will be shown the larger version of the picture. You don’t have to click or open a new page.

4) Honey: If you like to do your shopping online, then you know that there may exist coupons out there which will provide you discounts, free shipping or any other offers. You surely do not want to miss on those offers. There are places to search for and get those codes but this task is quite repetitive. So, we have honey, an addon for chrome which finds coupon codes for websites if they exist. The addon work for around 100 US based shopping websites and coupons are readily available within a single click.

5) Price Finder: This is another addon for online shoppers. What this extension does is find the competitive prices for the products that you are currently shopping for. The database for this addon contains millions of products and their prices. That means the comparison data is huge. This allows you to find the product that you are going to shop at the least possible price online.

6) Ghostery: This is a very vital addon for controlling your privacy on the web. Websites are known to install tracking cookies and scripts that track your user data and browsing pattern. If you are concerned about those, then this addon will display the information about the current website and how it is tracking you. Using such important information, you can block the trackers if you require them to be blocked.

7) Gmail Offline: Like the name suggests, gmail offline is used to browser your gmail when you are not connected to the internet. You can read your emails, search through them, remove them or archive them and reply the emails while you are offline. All these actions that you performed offline will be synchronized when you go online. This application for chrome is quite useful if you need to use gmail when the internet is down or unavailable.

8) Pocket Website: While browsing the internet, you find articles that are quite useful and you want to save them for later reading. You find articles that are long to read now or you do not have time to read them now. In such cases you want to save those articles. Pocket Website does exactly that. Save webpages for future reading. This app is also available across several devices and synchronization is possible between them. That means if you save a website on your computer using Pocket, you can access it using your phone if you have a Pocket app installed there.

9) Better Pop Up blocker: Browsers block popups that are unwanted, but there are still those popups which go beyond those browser blockers. These popups are opened via special techniques by the website making the browsers fail to block them. Better Pop Up blocker helps you in this by blocking all the popups. You will not have to worry about another popup appearing mysteriously again.

10) Quick Note: This is a note taking app right on your chrome browser. You will be able to save snippets of text and edit them with this extension. You will never lose another short text, whether it is a reminder or something interesting that you want to save for later. You can also sync the notes so that you can access them from other browsers when you login through the same cloud account.

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