Set Timer on Google.Com

The site is the most used search engine in the world. It is a search engine which is smart enough to understand certain special queries and return the results or the answer right on the search results page.

You can do a lot more than just search with Google.

For example:

  • You can use “define <wordname>” like “define flamboyant” to get the meaning of the word instantly.
  • You can convert currencies by typing in search queries like “1 USD = ? Pounds” to get the conversion rates directly.
  • You can type “What is the height of Eminem” to get his height instantly.
  • You can perform Math function (like adding, subtracting, dividing, multiplying), you can get the weather and you can perform various other things easily using the search query.

You probably knew about many of the functions of our favorite search engine. There is one more interesting function that you may not have heard of. The function is to use Google as a countdown timer.

Just type “timer 10 seconds” with or without quotes in the search field and a counter will begin immediately. The countdown timer will count until you have the webpage open and at the end of a countdown, a sound will play notifying you that the countdown is complete.

You can set timer to time limits such as:

  • Timer 10 seconds
  • Timer 15 minutes
  • Timer 5 minutes 40 seconds
  • Timer 1 hour 5 minutes 22 seconds
  • Timer 1225 (to make the timer go off at 12:25, this one uses military timing)

This is quite an interesting feature recently discovered by the internet. It works on mobile phones having browsers that support “Request Desktop Site” feature. The default mobile view for Google does not yet have this feature turned on. On the desktop site view for mobiles, it does not make the sound when the timer finishes (at least in my phone).

It does not work for timing large durations like “timer 127 hours” or timer “1 year”.

This is a great little feature that would come in handy for computer users who just forget things to do or other stuffs. They can use this feature to remind themselves about things they ought to be doing after a certain time period. Thanks Google.


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