How You Can Have Unlimited Email Addresses with Gmail

For me Gmail is the best free email provider. It is one of the services out of many provided by Google to its consumers. With Gmail or Google Mail, you get a large amount storage space for all your emails. Currently, we get 15 GB of free storage which is shared between Google Mail, Google Drive and Google Plus. We do not even hear people complaining about running out of email storage space anymore. If you are just curious about knowing how much space you’ve consumed till now, you can click here.

I personally have separate Gmail accounts for separate purposes. You can create a Gmail account for personal purposes, another one for work and one more for your other miscellaneous online use like signing up for services. But there is this one other great service provided by Gmail which is quite noteworthy.

With Gmail, you get to use the plus (+) sign after your email address, enter in some text and make it appear as if it is a new email address. If that was not clear enough, then here is an example:

Suppose, your email is You can use and it will still deliver emails to your original email address. The benefits of this are:

When you need to sign up to various services more than once, you might require two emails. With this way you can signup the first time as and the next time you can use it as You can do it as many times as you can, hence giving you unlimited email ids to use.

Another use of this is to track who is selling your email to spammers. You can sign up to a certain site let’s say by entering an email like That way if you receive tons of email to which are not required, then you can track down the source of your email leak.

One More Thing

Another cool thing about Gmail is that the dot (.) between the email id does not matter. You email can be u.nidan@gmail or wherever you place the dot. It simply is used to separate words which is not absolutely required.

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