How to Run Two Installations of Google Chrome Simultaneously

If you are looking to install two different version of Google Chrome in your personal computer at the same time, then there is a simple method. You cannot install the select versions of two Google Chrome. But what you can do is install an early adopter version of Google Chrome which has not yet been released to the mass public. The installation of this version can happen side by side with your original Google Chrome browser meaning you’d technically have two versions of Google Chrome in your PC.

The test version of Google Chrome is known as Google Chrome Canary. It has the newest features that has not yet been released on the other Chrome browser. This edition of Chrome is specially meant for developers and early adopters. It is not full proof and you might see errors here and there. This one is not recommended for your normal browsing because of the fact that the browser can crash at times which costs you some time and work.

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Google Chrome on the other hand is quite stable and it is the browser fit for your daily use. It upgrades automatically and whenever I check, my browser always has the latest updates. For downloading and installing Chrome Canary, it is like downloading and installing any other software. Get the installer and install the software.

Here’s how:

  1. You download Google Chrome Canary from this page.
  2. A small installer called ChromeSetup.exe will be downloaded immediately.
  3. Open it and your Chrome Canary download and installation will begin.

Try running Chrome Canary and the normal Chrome at the same time. You will have two versions of Google Chrome running at the same time. There aren’t many practical uses of it unless you are trying to log into websites with multiple accounts at the same time. One example for this can be, you have three separate Gmail accounts which you open using Google Chrome, Google Chrome Incognito mode and Google Chrome Canary. Another practical use can be for testing apps on Chrome Canary. You can seperate Google Chrome from Google Chrome Canary by the color of its icon.

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