How to Load External Subtitles (.srt) to YouTube Movies and Video

Did you know that YouTube hosts a number of full feature movies which are legal to watch?

Those free movies to watch online at YouTube are available at the YouTube Movies Channel ( As of now, the channel boasts a collection of 876 full length movies. The movies are of different languages like Russian, Hindi, Telugu, English and German to name a few. This is a huge library of movies and is a great place to watch legal movies online for free.

There are some interesting and some really good movies in the YouTube movies channel. The collection is huge and is likely to match the interests of many people. Like any other YouTube channel, you can browse the channel, go through the movie list and watch the movie of your choice. The movie loads in the YouTube player and is hosted at YouTube servers, so there will be no problems of streaming or quality as long as you have a good internet connection.

Did you know that it is also possible to load .srt subtitles for YouTube videos?

To load external subtitle files to YouTube videos, you must already have the subtitle file. Then you must have Google Chrome browser. To load such external subtitles to YouTube videos, install an extension for Chrome called Subtitles for YouTube. The extension like the rest of them is free and installs easily from the Chrome extensions website.

After you have installed the extension, open the movie or video that you want to watch in YouTube via the Google Chrome browser. Just below the YouTube video player, there will be a dotted rectangular field that says “Drag *.srt file here”. Download your subtitle for your movie. The subtitles should be in SRT format, that means their file extension should be .srt. Those subtitles are found all over the internet.

Drag your downloaded srt subtitle file to that area and play the movie. The subtitles will play right below the movie. The subtitle player works great for small player and large player in YouTube. However, when you watch the movie in full screen, the subtitle area is not displayed and hence, you cannot watch the loaded subtitle.

I could not find any feature that could have fixed the syncing error of subtitles if there were any. This extension could add this feature. But the subtitle I chose was perfect for the movie I watched. So when you load up a subtitle for YouTube movies make sure you find the right one with the correct syncing.

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