How to Get Your Facebook Numeric ID?

Facebook numeric ID can be used for several purposes. One of the main use that we have seen is using Facebook ID to set admins who can moderate your Facebook comments (fb:admins) in your blog or website. For that you will be adding a code like <meta property=”fb:admins” content=”<YOUR_FACEBOOK_USER_ID>”/> before the </head> part of your website’s HTML code.

If you are not aware of Facebook numeric ID, then it is a unique number that is given to you when you join. That number can be used to identify you in that social network. Previous Facebook profile URLs used to be identified with the help if this numeric ID. Profile links looked something like The part after the id= i.e. 167784080039168 in this example is the unique Facebook ID for a particular profile or page. But now because of vanity URLs, this id seems to have disappeared.

A Simple and Quick Tool to Find Facebook Numeric ID: This is our version of an online tool to extract Facebook userID using Facebook profile URL or username.

To figure out Facebook numeric ID for any profile or page using Facebook’s open graph:

    • Figure out the Facebook username for which you want the numeric ID.
      • To do so, visit the main profile page or timeline of a person. Get the username which is located right after
      • Suppose a page’s url is, then the last part i.e. ThisFoxOnline is the username.


    • Enter<facebookusername> for example: into your browser and you will find some information displayed like:
      "id": "167784080039168",
      "about": "Informing about the latest technology news and how tos.",
      "can_post": false,
      "category": "Website",
      "checkins": 0,
      "has_added_app": false,
      "is_community_page": false,
      "is_published": true,
      "likes": 4,
      "link": "",
      "name": "",
      "talking_about_count": 0,
      "username": "ThisFoxOnline",
      "website": "",
      "were_here_count": 0


  • The “id”: part tells the Facebook ID. In this example it happens to be: “id”: “167784080039168“.

Usernames Without Vanity URLs

If a user has not chosen a vanity URL for their Facebook profile or page, then visit their main timeline and then see in your browser’s address bar. The URL will be like or It is obvious that the numerical values in the link is the unique Facebook id for that profile or page.

Without Using Facebook’s Open Graph

There are also methods to figure out a user id without using Facebook’s open graph. These methods involve looking at the URL in your internet browser.

For example: For a photo a video link looks something like:

The last part of numbers after the final dot (.) is that user or page’s Facebook ID. It is shown in the example above i.e. 148786168584923 for the first picture URL and 257029061103330 for the second video URL. Note that the ID that you get here is the ID of the person or page who has originally posted the content.

You can confirm the ID by going to<id> i.e. to figure out the person or page that particular id belongs to.

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