How to Disable Ads in Utorrent

Utorrent is the most popular BitTorrent client used by millions of users globally. This is a quite popular program and a useful one too. But since August 2012, the free version of this software started displaying toolbar like ads. This may not be a concern to many but there are users who hate those advertisements. People even refrained from upgrading to newer versions of utorrent because of those ads.

uTorrent with Ads Screenprint
But to the knowledge of not so many people, the company BitTorrent offers functionality of disabling those advertisements. That is right, you can easily turn off ads displayed in utorrent from the options menu. But it is not that simple like checking off an item but it is still simple enough.

Just follow these instructions to turn off ads in utorrent:

1) From the menu bar go to Options > Preferences > Advanced
2) In the Filter: (search field), enter the following names and set their values to false from the radio button below:

  • gui.show_plus_upsell (Set to False)
  • offers.sponsored_torrent_offer_enabled (Set to False)
  • offers.left_rail_offer_enabled (Set to False)
  • gui.show_notorrents_node (Set to False)
  • offers.content_offer_autoexec (Set to False)
    (While setting the options to false please click on the displayed result first and click on false. Double check on this step. Please refer to the diagram below if you get confused.)

Turning uTorrent ads off screenshot
3) After all the above mentioned options are set as false, click on OK to apply your changes.
4) Click on File > Exit to exit uTorrent completely and start it from your menu again.
5) Utorrent will no longer display those ads anymore.

uTorrent without ads screenshot
I hope that these simple steps helped you in removing ads from your favorite software. This is a feature provided in uTorrent itself. We require no external hacks or such. I am sure it worked and if it didn’t double check whether the parameters have been set off. If you still have problems, comment below and I will try to help.

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