How to Create Apple iTunes Account without Credit Card Information

There is a simple way to create an iTunes account without having to input credit card payment information. If you try it the regular way, after filling in your account details— you will be asked to enter in your credit card number in the second step. To avoid this, you will have to find a free song or app download. When you try to download a free song, you can move on to a signup form where you won’t have to input your payment information.

Here are the detail steps to create an Apple account without a credit card:

  • Download and install iTunes from here.
  • Open iTunes and click the “Go to the iTunes Store” button to proceed.Go to the iTunes Store
  • You have to find a free music. For example search for U2’s new album “Songs of Innocence”.Searching in iTunes Store
  • From the results, click the button that says “Free”.
    Free Song Download iTunes
  • When asked to sign in to the iTunes Store, click the “Create Apple ID” button.Create Apple ID for Free
  • Hit continue and agree to the terms and conditions.Agreeing to Terms and Conditions
  • Fill up the form that asks your account details and press continue.Fill up Account Details
  • Fill up your billing address details, leave the “Enter code” field empty and click the “Create Apple ID” button. Note that “None” is selected as a payment method.Billing Address without Credit Card
  • A verification email will be sent to both your email addresses. Click on the links, log in and you are done.

The steps and screenshots shown above are from iTunes in a PC. These steps will be quite similar in your iPhone/iPad or in a Mac. The Apple account that you create can be used anywhere. You can log into your iPhone to download free apps, use it in their official website or in iTunes software for Windows as well as Mac. The payment details are only requested if you decide to purchase music, apps or shows.

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