Blocking App Requests in Facebook

Facebook was once a great social network with a really neat layout and features that were right on the mark. Facebook was fun, connecting with friends was easy and it was just the perfect little social network. Then, this social network started growing and it became the behemoth that it is today. You can’t live with Facebook and you can’t live without Facebook. Almost everyone in this world has joined Facebook with member numbers crossing well over 1 billion.

With such phenomenal growth, some not so favorable circumstances were created. For teens it was the introduction of parents and relatives into their online social life. For others, it was the introduction of several app invitations and requests that just kept on coming. Notifications and emails just keeps on coming about those apps which we don’t even care about (but apparently our friends do). This social network can still be made lovable with the help of some tweaks in the privacy features and account settings. One of those tweaks is the ability to block continuous app requests sent by friends.

To block annoying app requests and notifications that just keep on coming:

  1. Click the screw link button in the top right most corner of any Facebook page that you have open.
  2. A drop down menu will be displayed, from there click on “Account Settings”.
  3. In the Account settings page, navigate to “Blocking” from the links present at the left part of the page. blocking-settings-facebook
  4. In Blocking, you will see several blocking options for apps and people. There you can:
    • Block app invites from a specific Facebook friend. This is available under the “Block app invites” heading. You can just enter the name of the friend there. They will never be able to send any app invites to you anymore.
    • Directly block the apps for which you receive most requests. Just enter the name of the app(s) in the input box provided under the “Block apps” heading. Those apps will not get any private information from you. You will also not get any notification or email from them.
    • There are even more strict options available there like blocking a person entirely or adding people to restricted groups making them only see your public posts. You can also block even invites from particular people using this same page.block-app-invites-facebook

These steps will certainly keep out those pesky Facebook friends who are constantly bombarding you with app invites and what not. Enjoy your quiet little Facebook moment while you can.

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