Blocking App Requests in Facebook

Facebook was once a great social network with a really neat layout and features that were right on the mark. Facebook was fun, connecting with friends was easy and it was just the perfect little social network. Then, this social network started growing and it became the behemoth that it is today. You can’t live

How to Disable Ads in Utorrent

Utorrent is the most popular BitTorrent client used by millions of users globally. This is a quite popular program and a useful one too. But since August 2012, the free version of this software started displaying toolbar like ads. This may not be a concern to many but there are users who hate those advertisements.

Moving From WordPress to Blogger/Blogspot

If you have decided to move your blog from WordPress to Blogger/Blogspot, then you will have to export your posts from WordPress, convert them to Blogger xml format and then import it. This is not a one step simple task which can be easily done with plug-ins and add-ons. But it is also not that

Disable Auto Enhance or Image Optimization in Blogger/Blogspot

When you upload your image to Blogger/Blogspot or any other Google service, your photos are automatically enhanced. This feature is called “Auto Enhance”. While the enhancements usually make your photos look good, sometimes you get undesired enhancements. Such enhancements can sometimes make unnecessary changes to the photos. This happens usually when you upload an image

About Adding Featured Posts Slider in Blogger

Featured posts are a great way to get the attention of visitors to a few specific posts on your blog. You will get to highlight some of the most interesting posts. This way, those posts will get more exposure. That means more views for those posts. Making your posts featured, means that you are telling