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Starting Your First Blogger Blog and Post

Blogger is a great blogging service, as I have discussed before. The benefits that it provides are great for an experienced as well as a new blogger. This service works well if you want to share your words, pictures and other media with the world. You can share all the articles that you write, all

Important Tips While Editing Blogger Templates

Blogger provides a single XML template file which you can use to edit and customize your blog. It is one of the most important template file presented in XML format. Editing this file allows you to configure size of headers, footers and the widths of content and sidebar. It allows you to polish minor details

Five Hot Websites to Get Blogger Templates

Blogger or BlogSpot is a powerful blogging website and tool provided by Google. I am sure that you already know about it but I still want to say that with blogger you will be able to create your own blog in an instant. You can easily get a blogger address like or you can

Initial Setup of a Blogger Blog

Starting a blogger blog was a breeze. We did not need to install any scripts or make any databases. There were no file editing at all. It was as easy as signing up for an email account. We just entered a few details and that was it. This is not the end of it. A

How to Setup Custom Domain in Namecheap for Blogger

Last time, I discussed how you could use a custom domain name in Blogger / Blogspot instead of the blogger provided URL of something like I also mentioned how the settings was different or at least found in different locations for all domain registrars in their individual websites. Today, I am going to show

Facebook Comments Vs Blogger Comments System

Blogger / Blogspot is a blogging platform by Google. It hosts free blogs for its users. But the thing about Blogger is that it is not a lot configurable. It is configurable to an extent with the help of plugins and settings available at Blogger. But since users are given only one XML template file