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Generating XML Blogspot – Blogger Sitemap

A sitemap is a really important tool for webmasters. It allows a webmaster to generate the entire pages of a website which is pointed out by a single XML file. This sitemap XML file tells search engines about all the pages of an entire website. This allows search engines to crawl through those pages and

Add Related Posts Widget to Blogger/Blogspot

Related posts is one of the most important widget that is used for visitor retention. When a visitor finishes reading a content in your blog, then the best thing to do is to present those visitors with more things to read. Instead of just displaying random things to read, you can show them related posts.

How to Add Facebook Comments in Blogger

Facebook commenting system is one of the trending commenting system that we see in websites these days. With likes and automatic top comments sorting option, it is a great commenting system even for blogs. The default blogger commenting system is good enough but it could use some changes. The commenting system is great because most

About Hosted Image URLs in Blogger

One of the best things about Blogger / Blogspot, is that it allows us to store a large number of images. The storage space is shared with Picasa Web. We can say that the limitation on the disk space usage and bandwidth consumed by those images are unlimited. Picasa does have a limited 1 GB

Post Thumbnails and Snippets in Blogger

Blogger officially provides post thumbnails and snippets for posts. You do not have to use any fancy javascript to extract the first image of a post and the first few lines of a post to use as thumbnail and snippet respectively. You can use simple Blogger tags in the code of your template to use

About Blogger

Blogger/Blogspot is a free blog hosting platform provided by Google. It is an amazingly fast, blog hosting service that is great for people who want to start a blog for free. Originally developed by Pyra Labs, this service was acquired by Google way back in 2003. Since then, this blogging platform has seen a tremendous