Five Hot Websites to Get Blogger Templates

Blogger or BlogSpot is a powerful blogging website and tool provided by Google. I am sure that you already know about it but I still want to say that with blogger you will be able to create your own blog in an instant. You can easily get a blogger address like or you can even use your own domain name with blogger.

What I like about blogger is that it is hosted by Google and is really fast. You get almost unlimited space for your images and blogposts for free. That means you will never have to worry about online space or bandwidth when you are hosted by blogger.

What is difficult about blogger is that it is always not simple to customize the look and feel of the website. There are tools like template editor which allow you to edit the template or you can even directly edit the XML. There are also widgets that help you put things on your blog that you desire.

Editing the blogger XML template is not so easy for an average blogger. But we do not have to worry about that because there are tons of blogger templates out there. Most of them are free. That just makes our customization job very easy.

There are several places to get blogger templates for your website. Here, I list out my favorite five:

  1. When it comes to blogger templates, this site leads the rest. This site has a large collection of blogger templates listed under different categories. You can see their demos online and download them if you like the templates. Some of the hottest blogspot templates are listed on this website.
  2. This is another website featuring blogger templates along with other blogging software templates. I really like the collection of templates that this site has. Like others, this site also offers easy demo and download links for templates.
  3. This is another website which categorizes blogspot templates according to their type like 2 columns, 3 columns, business, personal, tech and so on. View the demos and get your template for your blogspot blog easily.
  4. What I like about this blogger template providing site is that the site has a large number of categories under which the templates are sorted. You can easily find the exact type of template that you want for the blog that you have in mind.
  5. This is the last site that I am listing for free blogspot templates. I am sure that if we begin searching, then the list goes on and on. BloggerThemes has elegant looking templates which you can search by color, columns, styles and width. You will like their collection of stylish templates.
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