Moving From WordPress to Blogger/Blogspot

If you have decided to move your blog from WordPress to Blogger/Blogspot, then you will have to export your posts from WordPress, convert them to Blogger xml format and then import it. This is not a one step simple task which can be easily done with plug-ins and add-ons. But it is also not that complicated as you can easily use those freely available online tools to help you in WordPress to Google’s Blogger transition.

In simple words, first of all you will be exporting your posts from WordPress. You will do this by visiting Tools > Export in your WordPress site admin. Your downloaded export file will be an XML file which contains all your posts, pages and comments. You will then convert that XML to make it compatible with Blogger. This will be done by an online conversion utility. You will also have to make a fix for your hosted images. Finally you will be importing the new XML file into your Blogspot blog.

Here are the steps to convert/transfer/move from WordPress to Blogger/Blogspot in detail:

Phase 1: Exporting from WordPress

  • Visit Tools > Export in your WordPress site admin.
    WordPress Tools Export
  • Make sure that “All content” is selected and then hit the “Download Export File” button.
    Download Export File WordPress
  • An XML file holding all your posts, comments and pages will be downloaded.

Phase 2: Converting XML to make it Blogger compatible

  • Open
  • Press the “Choose File” button to browse and select your WordPress XML export file.
  • Hit the “Convert” button next.
  • Your file will be uploaded, converted online and a new XML file (blogger-export.xml) will start to download.

Phase 3: Downloading and Importing images uploaded in WordPress

This is an important step, as you will need to transfer images hosted in your WordPress blog to make it work with Blogger. There isn’t any easy tool to upload your images automatically and use them in your posts. So, you can use a file host like DropBox for this purpose.

Here’s one way of doing it:

  • Download the “uploads” folder of your WordPress present in /wp-content/. Maintain the folder structure as they are.
  • Upload the “uploads” folder to the public folder in your DropBox.
  • Upload your “uploads” folder to dropbox public directory while keeping the directory structure intact.
  • Get the public link to your uploads folder which will be something like<userid>/uploads/.
  • Open blogger-export.xml file which you downloaded in Phase 3 above with a text editor like Notepad++.
  • Find and Replace “http://www.<yourblog>.com/wp-content/uploads/” with “<userid>/uploads/” in the XML file. You are trying to point the images to their new location in DropBox. Be very careful.
  • Save your changes.

Phase 4: Importing in Blogger / Blogspot

  • Login to Blogger, select your blog and then visit Settings > Others.
  • Under “Blog Tools” click the “Import blog” button.
  • Browse your edited blogger-export.xml file and hit the “Import Blog” button to begin importing.
  • In a few moments, all your posts, comments and pages will be imported to Blogger.

Please note that your url structure might change to Blogger’s standard URL structure that looks something like
Also note that end of permalinks like post-name.html might change and the same custom permalink that you use in WordPress might not transfer over. Permalinks will be regenerated according to Blogger’s standards which is based on post title.

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