How To Use Custom Domain in Blogger / BlogSpot

Blogger is the powerful and free blogging tool provided by Google. After creating a new blog at blogger you will be given a blog address like . This is a great way to start a free blog on your own with your very own blogspot web url.

It is also possible to add a custom domain name to your blogger blog. That means you will be able to use instead of which is great news because having your own domain name has a whole list of benefits.

I am assuming that you already have a top-level domain name and a blog address at blogger which you want to host via this name. To add your custom domain to blogger/blogspot:

Settings in Blogger/BlogSpot

1) Login to blogger, click on the blog that you want to host using a custom domain.

2) Go to Settings > Basic of that blog.

Settings Basic

3) Under the “Publishing” heading, you will find a link called “add a custom domain name”. Click on it.

Blogger Settings

4) Input your blog address in the field provided just like it is shown above. You will be given the unique value for your setup. In my case it is pl5ilrqq2xfm and Copy these two values somewhere.

Settings in Your Domain Registrar

1) Every domain name registrar has a different layout/style for managing domains. Login to your domain registrars website and go into the management area of the domain name that you would want to host with BlogSpot.

2) Make sure that you are pointing the domain registrars own dns servers. Do not point them to something external like

3) Go to the place where you can modify your CNAME. In the name field of your CNAME enter www. In the IP Address or Url field enter

4) Add another CNAME with the unique values that blogger provided you before. In my case the name is pl5ilrqq2xfm and values for Url field is For the TTL field enter 1800 and it works fine.

The modifications for CNAME you did in this step must look something like:

domain/host IP/URL


5) Now go to the place from where you would be able to make A-records modification. There you will have to enter the following four values:

domain/host IP/URL

In the TTL field enter 1800 as before. Remember in this step you are setting up your domain name to work without the www. Without following this step your domain will work only when www is entered.

Back to Blogspot

5) Now go to blogspot/blogger again. Go to the Settings>Basic again. Under the “Publishing: heading in “Blog Address” field you will be now able to enter your blog domain name. If it is not accepted check the above steps again, wait a few hours for the changes you made to CNAME and A to propogate and try again.

Considering the fact that registrars have different layouts to setup custom domain name for blogger, I have shown how to add a custom domain name in the following two posts for two different registrars:

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