How to Setup Custom Domain in Namecheap for Blogger

Last time, I discussed how you could use a custom domain name in Blogger / Blogspot instead of the blogger provided URL of something like I also mentioned how the settings was different or at least found in different locations for all domain registrars in their individual websites.

Today, I am going to show you how to add a custom domain name to your blogger account when the domain has been registered through NameCheap.

The first thing you should do is get the unique values from blogger for your custom domain. Click here to learn how to get it from my previous post.

Now, that you have got those unique values from blogger copy it to an easily accessible location. My value for this example is pl5ilrqq2xfm and

Steps to add custom domain in Namecheap for Blogger:

1) Login to, view your domain list and click on your domain name to manage it.

2) Make sure you are using NameCheap DNS. That means your nameservers should be pointing to and

2) In the menu in the left, under the “Host Management” heading, click on “All Host Records”.

All Host Records

3) For @ Hostname add the value of IP Address/Url as your website url. The Record Type should be Url Redirect and TTL can be 1800

4) For www hostname add the value of IP Address/Url and make sure the Record Type is set as CNAME (Alias). TTL is 1800 in this one as well.

5) Enter your unique value that you got from Blogger now. In my case the value for hostname is pl5ilrqq2xfm and IP Address/Url is This also should be set as CNAME (Alias) with TTL of 1800.

6) For your domain name without www to work, enter four values all having hostname as without the www and enter four ip address,, and in four separate rows respectively. Remember all the ip addresses are different and the Record Type for this should be set as A (Address). TTL should be 1800 in all four.

All the above steps should show the following changes made in NameCheap

Settings at Namecheap

Remember to save the changes by clicking on the “save changes” button found below.

7) Now move on to blogger to perform the final step to add the domain which is going to Settings>Basic>Publishing and under the Blog Address entering your blog domain name. You might have to wait a few hours for the changes to take effect to do this step.

You may now begin blogging with your custom domain name.

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