How to Automatically Tweet Your Blogger Posts

These days, after making a post on your blog, you might want to share it on various social media websites. There are tons of those out there but if you have been paying attention, then you already know that Twitter is one of the most popular one. Twitter easily allows you few characters of text along with a link to share to your Twitter profile. This is perfect for us. Your link will be made public and others will be able to discover it.

If you are using WordPress, then there are a couple of add-ons out there with which you can automatically tweet your new posts. But if you are using Blogger, then due to its limitations, there aren’t plugins that I know of which does the same. There might be one though. But I know of another conventional method to tweet your new Blogger posts automatically.

You will be using a service called (IFTTT = If This Then That). The site name tells us that if a certain condition is met, then it should follow a certain action. That is the whole concept behind the services provided on this website.

To use to automatically share your Blogger posts to Twitter, follow these steps:

  • Sign up for
  • Click on “Create a Recipe”. The process of creating a new condition and an action is quite easy. The visual process is simple enough for anyone to follow.
  • Follow the steps of creating a recipe. Make sure you select the following:
    • Choose Trigger Channel: Blogger
    • Choose a Trigger: Any new post
    • Create Trigger: No fields to complete
    • Choose Action Channel: Twitter
    • Choose an Action: Post a Tweet
    • Create Action with {{PostTitle}} {{PostUrl}} in the box
    • Create the Recipe
  • Your recipe will be activated and be ready to work for you.

Note 1: For your convenience, here is a shared link to the recipe that does the same job.
Note 2: You should add and authorize your Blogger and Twitter account with You can do it within the steps above.
Note 3: You can go back in any step if you did a mistake.

After this, every time you make a new post and publish it in Blogger, you will find it automatically shared on Twitter. Your blog post url will be shortened to a link and it will be shared along with the title of your post. This method is quite handy. currently checks for a new blog post every 10 minutes. So you might not see your tweets immediately, but believe me, it will be posted.

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