Blogger and Google Plus Integration

Blogger/BlogSpot and Google Plus both have one thing in common: they are both products of Google and there is a certain level of integration between both of them. The first integration that you can see between these two is that you can use a single account to manage your blogs at Google as well as create your Google Plus account.

While this use of a single Google account is not surprising or new to us, there are some other levels of integration between Google Plus and Blogger that comes in handy. Those integration are related to adding the feature of one to another. Basically, Google Plus is a social network and Blogger is where you create your free online blog. When these two are combined, you can easily promote your blog using your Google Plus or add in some functions from Google Plus to Blogger.

Auto Posting New Blogger Posts to Google Plus
One of the features of Blogger is that you can automatically share your new posts to Google Plus. This way a link is posted in your Google Plus which is shared with your followers there. You can configure to automatically post your new topics from Blogger to Google Plus page or profile. This option is configurable. The privacy of such links are generally public, so if you share it in a Google Plus page, other people visiting that page can also access the link. This is a way of promoting your blog with Google’s social network.

Enabling Google Post Commenting System in Blogger
With Blogger you can use several commenting system. It all depends upon you and your visitors preference. You would want to use the commenting system that creates the highest possible amount of interaction with your website. What you are trying to do, is keep your blog active with the help of comments. So, whichever commenting system seems to be popular with your visitors must be the one that you use. With this in mind, you have the option of integrating Google Plus comment to your Blogger blog. Instead of the default Blogger comment system, you can easily activate Google Plus comments.

When this is done, your visitors will have the option of commenting using their Google Plus account and even sharing it to their Google Plus as well. This creates extra opportunities of traffic. Moreover, the comments from Google Plus shared link are brought back to your site and the ones from your blog are posted in Google Plus. This can create more interactivity.

Mentioning People with Google Plus accounts on Blogger
This is one of the latest features of Blogger. When you are composing a post, you can mention people and link to their profile. While typing in the Blogger post compose box, just type a + sign and you will see a number of people from your Google Plus account in the drop down. Click on those to mention those people. This way, you can generate extra attention to your blog post.

Blogger and Google Plus can be integrated to really deep levels. Though these two serve different functions, they are both products of Google. Blogger blogs can be promoted with Google Plus. Using methods like automatically sharing on Google Plus, mentioning people who are on Google Plus and enabling Google Plus comments and sharing on Blogger, you might just be able to create the next big thing. Your blog will flourish with activity like commenting and sharing once you get it to work. This is a great opportunity for Blogger blog owners to market and promote their blog.

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