Disable Auto Enhance or Image Optimization in Blogger/Blogspot

When you upload your image to Blogger/Blogspot or any other Google service, your photos are automatically enhanced. This feature is called “Auto Enhance”. While the enhancements usually make your photos look good, sometimes you get undesired enhancements. Such enhancements can sometimes make unnecessary changes to the photos. This happens usually when you upload an image for your blog and the enhancer modifies colors, contrast or brightness to make the image better. But the image looks different from what you anticipated and you do not want such changes.

For example:

Image Before and After Auto Enhancing

While the effect could have made a photo look really awesome, it sort of made my screenshot dull. In such cases you’d want to disable auto enhance for Blogger/Blogspot. But you cannot disable it separately for your blog only. You’d have to disable it for all your Google Photos. It is easy to turn off enhancements so that your images appear just the way they are uploaded.

To disable auto enhance:

  • Visit: http://plus.google.com and login with your Blogger account.
  • In the top left, you will see “Home”, click on it and then press “Settings“.
  • Scroll down to the “Photos and Videos” section, find “Auto Enhance” and check the radio button that says “Off”. The other options available are “Normal” and “High”.
  • Your preferences will be saved immediately.

To undo auto enhance for your individual Blogger/Blogspot Images:

  • Get the URL for your image. Example: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-BwX6UwaaJBw/VCi88wOlmfI/AAAAAAAAD70/UOVIs4bB-pk/w750-h250-no/go-to-itunes-store.jpg
  • Note the last part (file name) of the image i.e. go-to-itunes-store.jpg
  • Visit: http://photos.google.com and from the top bar search for the file name i.e. go-to-itunes-store.jpg
  • Click on your image and a separate page will open.
  • From the top click on More > Auto Enhance > Off.

Your image will be reverted to its original form. You’ll have to take this image URL and manually update your Blogger post with the new image link. For that use the edit post feature.

To insert the image in posts:

  • Click on the “Insert image” button in your Blogger compose box.
  • Switch to the tab that says “From Picasa Web Albums”.
  • In the search box type the file name like before i.e. go-to-itunes-store.jpg.

You can then easily insert a past image without auto enhance into your post. Updating this way is easier.

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